Wednesday Night Racing


Before you race on Wednesday nights, you must sign the HYC Waiver & Release of Liability.

Your signed form will be recorded and will meet the HYC release requirement for any sanctioned HYC sailing event from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020.

Sailing Instructions


Racing will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing. Special Covid-19 Safety Protocols are in effect.
(See Page 3) PHRF crew limits apply. By their participation,boats agree to abide by these rules and protocols.

Starting System:

A modified Rule 26 start will be used:

5 minsClass Flag UpHorn
4 minsNo FlagHorn
1 minNo FlagLong Horn
StartClassFlag DownHorn

Order of Starts:

Non-Spin 1Class Flag = White(All boats rated slower than 145)
Non-Spin 2Class Flag = #7(All boats rated faster than 145)
SpinnakerClass Flag # 9(All spinnaker boats)

Note: Warning Signal -June July, August = 1830 ; September = 1800

Starting Line:

CCV Mark “A” (Mouth ofHamptonRiver)

Finish Line:

HYC Dock. However, RCs are urged to finish at “A” if the final leg is a beat up the creek!


Course A:(Flag A)Marks: “E”, “T”, “C”, “P”, “B”, “A”
Course B:(Flag F)Marks: “B”, “P”, “C”, “T”, “I”, “A”
Course C:(Flag E)Marks: “E”(to Port), “A”
Course D:(Flag D)Marks: “N”(to Port), “A”

Note: When entering Hampton Creek, honor G“13” and R“14”


Boats should monitor VHF-72 for broadcasts from the RC and/or emergency transmissions.


Protests must be reported to the Fleet Captain on the night of the race by 2100 by e-mailing . They will be adjudicated by the HYC Protest Chair in a timely manner.


Results will consist of the Order of Finish and be posted on the HYC back porch once all boats are in. Please maintain proper distancing while checking these results.

*Changes to these S.I.s will be posted on the HYC Website

Race Committee Chairs:

June 17 Alan Bomar (6:30 Warning) Aug 5 John Blais
June 24 John Henry Aug 12 Peter Hunter
July 1 Dave Taylor Aug 19 Bob Archer
July 8 Christian Scaumloffel Aug 26 Rusty Burshell
July 15 Seward Lawlor Sept 2 Dave Bouchard (6:00 Warning)
July 22 John Wandling Sept 9 Greg Cutter
July 29 Justin Morris Sept 16 Will Roberts
Sept 23 Ben Ritger
Sept 30 Phil Briggs

Note 1 – RC flags and auto timer may be picked up at and returned to the Sailing Center.

Note 2 – Should a conflict arise, it is the responsibility of the designated RC Chair tofind a replacementand report the change to Sail Captain, John McCarthy.

Note 3 – In the event of severe weather, itisthe RC Chair’s sole decisionas to whetheror notto race.The Wednesday Night Races are for fun and safety is paramount

Course Marks:

Mark Location


“A” Day Beacon R “4” Hampton Bar 37 00.18 N 76 20.28 W
“B” Q R 15 ft “6” Hampton Bar 37 00.24 N 76 19.45W
“C” R N “14” Hampton Bar 36 59.77 N 76 19.40 W
“E” Fl R 2.5s 15ft 4M “2” Hampton Bar 36 59.03 N 76 21.37 W
“F” HYC –Pier Head Hampton River 37 01.20 N 76 20.59 W
“I” Day Beacon G “1” Hampton Bar 36 59.12 N 76 21.60 W
“N”R N “22” Newport News Bar 36 57.97 N 76 22.57 W
“P” Day Beacon G “5” Hampton River Chnl 36 00.10 N 76 19.39 W
“T” Day Beacon R “18” Hampton Bar 36 58.78 N 76 21.07 W

Wednesday Night Racing Safety Measures in Response to COVID-19To Maintain a Safe and Sanitary Environment

  1. Participants should not attend if they have a fever, are feeling sick, have been in contact with someone who may have COVID-19, or have displayed any illness symptoms within the last 14 days.
  2. Participants should thoroughly wash hands with soap and warm water multiple times a day and avoid touching their face.
  3. Usage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is highly recommended to help reduce the spread of airborne particulates. Participants are encouraged to remove the mask if they end up in the water to facilitate easier breathing and swimming.
  4. Participants and staff should try to refrain from social gatherings before and after sailing.
  5. Common sailing safety procedures, such as capsize recovery, man overboard, equipment breakdowns, etc. may require participants to come in close contact with others for short periods of time. This should only occur when absolutely necessary.
  6. Do not share life jackets, harnesses, water bottles, sunscreen, food, or any other personal items.
  7. Skippers should limit crew to their PHRF rating certificate to prevent unnecessary amounts of people interacting.
  8. HYC grounds and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
  9. Use caution, be courteous, and practice safe social distancing when passing by others on docks, ramps, slips, bridges and other tight locations.

These guidelines were compiled from the CDC, US Sailing, and Gowrie Risk Report on Management of COVID-19 to ensure the health and safety of all participants and staff. Any individual who has blatant disregard for best practices may be asked to leave Wednesday Night Racing or the Property of HYC.

*Members may not participate in HYC sanctioned events until they have signed the HYC COVID-19 Waiver and Release of Liability and returned it to the Sailing Director at