Tour The Harbour Challenge

A new program designed to help HYC sailors enjoy their boats during the pandemic:

clubhouse background
  • An innovative, fun activity for when you go out sailing.
  • Perfect for racers or cruisers…anybody who loves to sail with a purpose.
  • Free, gratis, no charge, nada dinero.
  • Sail a pre-set course around fixed marks in the harbor (course shown below)
  • Just your boat…nobody else. Just think NASCAR Time Trial.
  • As many (or as few) people on the boat as you wish.
  • New sails or rags, spinnakers or not, double-headsails or bareheaded.
  • Whatever wind, weather, or current (pick a time and go for it)
  • Record your start and finish times and report them when you’re done.
  • Your Corrected Time will be calculated and sent to you.
  • Enjoy recognition and prizes…plus challenge yourself to do better.

Here’s the plan:

  • The Challenge will run for two months…divided into four periods of two weeks
    • Now through June 14
    • June 15 thru June 28
    • June 29 thru July 12
    • July 13 thru July 26
  • After each two week period, the winners will be shown on the website and will appear in the Mainsheet each month. Each two week period, the following two skippers will receive a free HYC curb-side lunch special that week:
    • Boat with fastest Elapsed Time (Line Honors)
    • Boat with fastest Corrected Time (compared to others making runs in that two week period)

At Awards Night in December, we’ll recognize the two skippers with the best Elapsed and Corrected run times for the eight week period.

But mostly, you’ll have found another way to enjoy your boat during the pandemic.

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Sail the course (any time, any sails, any crew, any weather)
  • No autopilots, please. A human must drive.
  • Record the start time and finish time and date of your run
  • Report them to John/Lin at on the day of your run.
    (E-mail preferred.…or, you can call (757) 850-4225)
  • Enter the Challenge simply by reporting your run.
  • Your Corrected Time will be computed pronto and e-mailed back to you.
    (We’ll need your rating. If you don’t have one, we’ll provide one.)

BEFORE YOU SAIL THE COURSE, you must sign the HYC Waiver & Release of Liability. [Click HERE] Your signed form will be recorded and will meet the HYC release requirement for any sanctioned HYC event between Jan 1, 2020 and Dec 31, 2020.

And that’s it. Do as many runs as you like. We’ll score/record them all for you.

The Course:

Start at “A”Leave to Port 
CCV Mark “E”Leave to PortFl R 2.5s “2” (West end of Hampton Bar)
CCV Mark “J”Leave to StarFl R 4s R “2” (Newport News Channel)
CCV Mark “W”Leave to PortMiddle Ground Light
CCV Mark “Z”Leave to PortFl R 2.5s R “8”  (Norfolk Harbor Reach)
CCV Mark “I”Leave to StarDay Beacon G “1”  (Hampton Flats)
Finish at “A”Leave to Star 

Total Distance = 11.7 nm

Report your start/finish times to John/Lin  at  OR  (757) 850-4225 and you’re done. Watch for your Corrected Time to be e-mailed to you pronto. Do this as often as you want…today, tomorrow, next week.

Be safe, sail fast, and enjoy your boat…with just a smidgen of competition thrown in.  (Oh…by the way…if another boat should just happen to start alongside you, would you be racing? Hmmmmm??)

So, take the Challenge. For information, just call or e-mail John/Lin at:    

                      (757) 850-4225