Wednesday Night Racing


Sailing Instructions


Racing will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing.

Order of Starts:

Non-Spin 1Class Flag = White(All boats rated slower than 145)
Non-Spin 2Class Flag = #7(All boats rated faster than 145)
SpinnakerClass Flag # 9(All spinnaker boats)

Note: Warning Signal -June July, August = 1830 ; September = 1800


Course A:(Flag A)Marks: “E”, “T”, “C”, “P”, “B”, “A”
Course B:(Flag F)Marks: “B”, “P”, “C”, “T”, “I”, “A”
Course C:(Flag E)Marks: “E”(to Port), “A”
Course D:(Flag D)Marks: “N”(to Port), “A”

Note: When entering Hampton Creek, honor G“13” and R“14”

All boats must honor G “13” and R “14” when entering Hampton Creek
Lat/lons are approximate and not intended for navigation.

2021 Race Committee Chairs:

SERIES CHAIRMAN – John McCarthy (Sail Captain)

7-AprBill Gibbings 7-JulDave Taylor
14-AprBob Thomas14-JulChristian Schaumloffel
21-AprBen Cuker21-JulNeil Ford
28-AprSteve Taylor28-JulJohn Wandling
5-MayDixon Wilde4-AugJustin Morris
12-MayAndy Armstrong11-AugJohn Blais
19-MayBen Weeks18-AugPeter Hunter
26-MayBobby Whitehouse25-AugBob Archer
2-JunCliff Porter1-SepRusty Burshell
9-JunDon DeLoatch8-SepBen Ritger
16-JunAlan Johnson15-SepGreg Cutter
23-JunAlan Bomar22-SepWill Roberts
30-JunJohn Henry29-SepPhil Briggs

Starting System:

A modified Rule 26 start will be used:

5 minsClass Flag UpHorn
4 minsNo FlagHorn
1 minNo FlagLong Horn
StartClassFlag DownHorn

Starting Line:

CCV Mark “A” (Mouth ofHamptonRiver)

Finish Line:

Mark “A” or off the HYC docks. Race Committee’s option.
(RCs are urged to take finishes at “A” if the leg up the creek is a beat.)            

Wednesday Night Race marks

A – Day Beacon R”4” Hampton Bar 37°00.18’N 76°20.28’W
B – Day Beacon G “7” Hampton Bar 37 00.21 N 76  19.53 W
C – R N “14” Hampton Bar 36°59.77’N 76°19.40’W
E – Fl R 2.5s 15ft 4M “2” Hampton Bar 36°59.03’N 76°21.37’W
F – HYC – pier head Hampton Bar 37°01.20’N 76°20.59’W
I – Day Beacon G “1” Hampton Bar 36°59.12’N 76°21.60’W
N – RN “22” Newport News Bar 36°57.97’N 76°22.57’W
P – Day Beacon G “5” Hampton River Chnl 37°00.10’N 76°19.39’W
T – Day Beacon R “18” Hampton Bar 36°58.78’N 76°21.07’W


Boats should monitor VHF-72 for broadcasts from the RC and/or emergency transmissions.


Protests must be reported to the Fleet Captain on the night of the race by 2100 by e-mailing . They will be adjudicated by the HYC Protest Chair in a timely manner.


Results will consist of the Order of Finish and be posted on the HYC back porch once all boats are in. Please maintain proper distancing while checking these results.

*Changes to these S.I.s will be posted on the HYC Website

CANCELLATION: If the Race Committee is a “no show”, it is requested that boats on the scene choose a start boat and proceed with the normal sequence.  If severe weather is predicted or occurs early in the race, please stay at or return to the dock. Safety is paramount! See RRS 3 (DECISION TO RACE)

COURSES:       Courses are shown on the front page. Racers are reminded that HRBT construction is in progress at the east end of Hampton Bar. Please exercise caution if sailing outside the channel in that area.

AWARDS:        The pleasure of an evening sail and sociability with friends.

PROTESTS:     Despite the informality of the series, all races will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing, 2021-2024. Should a formal protest be necessary, a written protest must be delivered to the RC Chairperson for that night within 60 minutes of the protesting boat finishing. Protests will be handled by the HYC Protest Chairman.

RESULTS:        Corrected time calculations will not be made by the Race Committee.  However, an Order-of-Finish sheet with finish times and sail numbers will be posted in the lounge following racing.

SOCIAL:          Social opportunities will be governed by whatever COVID-19 protocols are in place at the time. With this in mind, Hampton Yacht Club welcomes participating skippers and crews to the Club following the races. Visiting yachts may tie up at the Club piers without charge until 10:00 p.m., subject to space available.

Visitors are expected to behave in a manner appropriate to their status as guests, including adherence to House Rules, which include:

  * No food, beer, wine, or liquor may be brought into the Club.

  * Shirts and shoes are required in the Bar.

  *Dining Room attire is expected to be somewhat more decorous than that tolerated in the Bar.  T-shirts and tank tops are not allowed.  However, coats and ties are not required. We try for neatness.

PARKING:    Only members of HYC who have valid parking decals may park in the HYC lots.  Violators are subject to towing.             

 NOTE: The HYC Staff looks forward to the Wednesday Night Racing Series and the after-race parties. COVID-19 restrictions allowing, we will be offering food and beverages in the bar following each Wednesday Night Race. As always, if a Wednesday night race is cancelled due to bad weather, the party will still be held. Come and enjoy!

Changes to this brochure will be posted on the HYC website –