Wine Tasting

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In the Commodore's Dining Room
Thursday, June 25, 2020
6:30 - 8:00 PM

Melon Gazpacho with Frizzled Prosciutto
Coupled with
Balletto Vineyards Chardonnay
Ahi Poke with Quinoa and Heirloom Tomatoes
Coupled with
Longevity Wines Inc. Chardonnay
Roasted Mushrooms and Herbs
Coupled with
Carmenet Pinot Noir
Filet Mignon with Balsamic Glaze
Coupled with
Longevity Wines Inc. Cabernet Sauvignon
Chefs Decadent Dessert
Coupled with
Haraszthy Family Cellars, Zinfandel

Reservations Required