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Derby Day Party at HYC

The Hampton Yacht Club Entertainment Committee is made up of volunteers who represent both power boaters and sailors. It is the intent of the Committee to provide a wide variety of programs and events for members of all ages. Annual events include: Super Bowl Party, Chili Cook-off, Sock Burning Party and Dance, Beer and Bingo, Kentucky Derby Party, Cinco de Mayo Party, Factory Point Rafting Party in Back River,  Fall Market, Halloween Party, New Year’s Eve Party, Super Bowl Party and Fourth of July  Pig Pickin’. For more information on these events refer to the events calendar on contact Ann Marie Harris at

The Hospitality Committee was created to provide opportunities for members and guests to meet in a variety of activities that encourage further enjoyment of HYC.  We strive to create a presence at HYC where newer members and visitors feel welcome and invited to participate in events. The hospitality committee hopes to explore new ideas for creative and untraditional activities while also providing support to other committees for existing planned events.

We have some great things planned for this year, if you would like more information or are interested in supporting the hospitality committee, please contact Nickey Woodfield at