Mobjack Bay Cruise, 13-14 June 2020

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Sonars racing out of harbor in Hampton, VA
Finally, it is time to go Cruising once again, now that we have entered Phase II and the restrictions have been eased a little.  We will be heading to Mobjack Bay this weekend, and welcome to the Southern Chesapeake’s best backyard ever!  Our Primary Anchorage will be on East River, with the exact spot to be announced according to prevailing wind and conditions.  More than likely this will be near Williams Wharf, and those wishing to go ashore can land dinghy’s there.  The fleet can stay tuned to Channel 68 during the cruise for updated information and any checking-in necessary.  We should plan on being underway by mid-morning and try to average 5 knots overall due to the 30-mile sail involved.  The timing of this cruise will be right after the stay at home orders for Virginia expire, so stay tuned in this regard. As of this time, the fleet will be planning ‘virtual sundowner’s’ in each individual boat’s cockpit, so ‘bring what you need’.
Jesse Broome
S/V Contented Turtle
(757) 803-1026