Message from the Commodore July 15, 2020

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Leigh ChapmanSome important facts you need to know about visiting HYC right now:

1. Although we are a private club, the Governor’s mask mandate still applies inside ALL of our buildings. We operate under several State licenses, which may be in jeopardy if we do not adequately enforce the mask mandate. The Governor’s representatives made clear yesterday that we should expect surprise health inspections in the coming days.

2. Masks are required at all times unless you are actively engaged in drinking or eating. If you are seated at a table and have not yet ordered, if you are popping in to pay a bill, if you are visiting the restrooms, if you are leaving the lounge area after eating, or if you are seated at your table just talking to another member, you must have a mask covering nose and mouth.

3. If you do not have a mask on when one is required, staff will remind you. They can provide one if you do not have one. If you do not put on a mask, wait staff and managers are authorized to refuse service and ask you to leave the building immediately. This is not negotiable as it impacts their health, safety and welfare every minute you stay in their presence unmasked.

4. We have had several complaints in recent days from staff and members who do not feel comfortable at the club because so many people continue to ignore the mask mandate. As I stated in my email last week, this is unacceptable. If we cannot get voluntary compliance, we will be forced to further restrict club hours of operation and access because of the actions of a few careless members. These are actions that the Board and Managers clearly do not want to take.

While many of you were clearly supportive of my email last week, many others did not take my plea seriously. I urge you to consider your own health each and every time you step outside your home. I urge you to consider your fellow members’ health each time you step inside one of our buildings. COVID is here; Hampton Roads is being hit hard! Now is the time to mask up and keep your distance to keep yourself, your family and your fellow members safe.

Leigh Chapman