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    Know all people by these presents: That I will participate in a Sailing center program based at Hampton Yacht Club, Inc. between January 2020-December 2020. In consideration of using the Sailing Center facilities and boats of the Hampton Yacht Club, Inc. I hereby release and forever discharge Hampton Yacht Club, Inc. its officers, members, guests, employees, successors, and assigns from all manner of action, causes of actions, claims, demands for damages, (including personal injury, illness (including COVID-19), or death) in law or equity by reason of entering into any activity of the Club or using the Yacht Club property or other property connected with the Hampton Yacht Club, Inc. during the period of the program; and I do further agree to indemnify and save harmless the said Hampton Yacht Club, Inc. for any expenses including costs and reasonable attorney fees arising out of any loss or claim for damages sustained or caused by me. I acknowledge that sailing in the activities of the Program are inherently dangerous and I assume the risk of any injury or loss, including injury resulting in death, incurred in such activities. I grant permission for the Program to use any photographs, film, digital imaging, videos, verbal, and written statements of myself and my likeness for promotional, web usage, or any other uses by the Program. THIS RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT shall continue until December 31st, 2020. As used herein the tern Hampton Yacht Club, Inc. includes the Officers, Directors, Members, Instructors, and Employees of the Hampton Yacht Club, Inc. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereby set my hand and seal.

    Policies and Procedures for HYC’s Sonars Sonars are available for use by members who have selected to sign up for the Adult Sailing Program and submitted the annual waiver to the Sailing Director. The boats will be available 8am to sunset every day; however, use may be limited due to other programming utilizing the fleet. Experienced sailors may become qualified by simply submitting a sailing resume or sailing certification. Less experienced sailors may be asked to demonstrate their skills. Beginners should start with the Learn to Sail class. Reservations will be made with the Sailing Director, by either filling out the online form, phone, or email. Reservations will be on a first-come, first-serve basis and preferably be done 24 hours before you would like to take the boat out. Each sailor and his/her guest(s) MUST sign a waiver, wear his/her own type III PFD, file a float plan, and hail the Sailing Director via VHF Ch. 67 when they leave and return to the dock. Navigational limits are the Hampton Roads harbor north of the shipping channel. These boats require a minimum of two persons to sail. You may bring guests that are nonmembers of HYC at no additional cost. Boat Check Out List 1. Mandatory Documents: • Float Plan must be filled out and submitted to the Sailing Director before sailing. • All souls on the vessel need to have a signed waiver. Place waivers in Sailing Director’s mailbox. • You take 100% responsibility for all members of your crew. 2. Mandatory Communication: • Always have a radio turned on and on your vessel. VHF Ch. 67 is the designated HYC Keelboat Channel. Please hail the Sailing Director or appropriate Sailing Center Staff on this channel when leaving and returning to the dock. • Utilize Ch.16 for a distress call. • Periodically check the weather on your radio while at sea. • Please take a cell phone with you on the water. 3. Mandatory Lifejackets: • Our lifejacket policy is that all parties sailing shall wear a properly fitted life jacket at all times while underway. • 4. Rigging/Boat: • Rig the vessel properly, please ask Sailing Center Staff for assistance if needed. • Make sure to use the boat that was coordinated with the Sailing Director. • Hail the Sailing Director just prior to leaving the dock. 5. Weather: • You are responsible to know the weather prior to and during your outing. • If inclement weather arises, immediately return to the dock. If the dock is not within reach, find a safe harbor and drop the sails and anchor. Be aware of the current. Once safe immediately contact the Sailing Director. • The boats will not be sailed in winds or gust 25+ knots. A waiting period of no less than 30 minutes after the last lightning strike and/or sound of thunder must be obeyed before you go out sailing. 6. Upon return: • Hail the Sailing Director to inform of your safe return to the dock. • De-rig and tie up the sail boat properly or return to designated trailer. • Fill out the boat log on the Float Plan form, place in Sailing Director’s mailbox. • If incidents arise please make note on the boat log sheet. This is the first step in order to track repairs and update the maintenance logs of our vessels. The boat log is a key to our success and your enjoyment! 7. Emergency • In case of an emergency, Hail the United States Coast Guard on Ch. 16. • Refer to the Emergency Action Plan(EAP) in all First Aid boxes onboard. • *Make sure to review the EAP before you leave the dock. If any issues arise while on the water, please hail the Sailing Director on VHF Ch. 67 or call directly at (610)417-5529 or Hampton Yacht Club at (757)722-0711.