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Are you taking time out of your busy days staying at home to watch Spring happen? Life is so abundant outside our windows, and feeling the dirt beneath your hands…ah, never mind – I have a sailor’s yard. Who am I kidding?!? But I do love to try my hand at a bit of gardening every year, to see what daring plants are adventurous enough to enter my wicked realm. Then, inevitably, sailing, swimming, boating and other freewheeling adventures crop up in late May and I forget those heady days of spring when everything is so green and healthy…and doesn’t need watering! Why is it that late May seems like a lifetime away from today? This sheltering in place is akin to having a newborn baby at home: the days are agonizingly long, but the weeks just fly by! I need only imagine what healthcare workers and COVID-afflicted patients are enduring, and suddenly my mood lightens and I move on to the next task on my (very short) to do list.

I wish I could tell you what the next few weeks and months will bring for HYC. Alas, I cannot. We are limping along as bestwecan,giventhecircumstances. Theleadershipappreciatesyoursuggestions,patienceandpatronagemorethanyou know. We are beginning discussions about what our eventual rollout of additional services might look like – not that we have much formal guidance yet. It’s very hard to plan any events and activities when we do not have a timeframe for operations. But as a dear friend and former Commodore of HYC once told me, “just make sure you keep the French fries coming out the door!” So far, we’ve been doing a great job of that thanks to Manager Rich Ash and the jolly band of folks we still have coming in to work each day. As for the future, we’ll keep evaluating the facts we have, innovating our approaches to the issues, and then reevaluating to determine effectiveness.

I hope you and yours are:

Healthy – no illness in your kingdom;
Wealthy – received your stimulus check or make too much to receive one! Wise – staying home to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.