Let the Adventures Begin this Summer!

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Hampton Yacht Club Summer ADVENTURE CLASSES!

Not every sailor enjoys competitive sailing and that’s okay! So at HYC we want to offer your kids some other opportunities to learn, explore, and have FUN on the water! Below our two of our featured Adventure Classes for this summer!

The Chesapeake Experience

Learn About Pirates

Fishing, Powerboating, and History!
The Chesapeake Experience is a tutorial of life on the bay. The main focus of this class is how to fish, what types of animals exist in the bay, and how humans interact with them. Tides, currents, crabs, ospreys, and even some history including the infamous Blackbeard! If your child loves to fish or is excited about what is swimming and living in their back yard this is something you do not want them to miss! HYC partnered with Shored Up LLC, a local eco-tourism group to provide hands on experiences! Click the button at the bottom of the page to register!

Advanced Adventure: Inshore Keelboat

Sailing, Navigation, and Overnight Cruising!

Sailing, Navigation, and Overnight Cruising!

It is a fact that the majority of teenagers predominately sail dinghies. At HYC, we want to also promote juniors sailing in keelboats! Keelboats have many lessons to offer and also provide an avenue for juniors to sail longer distances.
The Inshore Keelboat course is for teens who already understand the basic concepts of sailing but want to expand their horizons. This course has a focus on the parts of a keelboat, how to sail with a spinnaker, charting, basic navigation, anchoring, and culminates with an overnight sailing and camping adventure!!! There is simply no other course of this kind available.