It’s time to go Team Racing!

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HYC Sonars Towne Bank

Thursday, July 2 will be the start to the HYC Team Racing in Sonars! Please meet at the Adult Sailing Center at 5:30PM. Depending on who shows up we will determine if we will work on drills or be able to have some full races.

To help the sailing center plan, please fill out this form below!

About Team Racing: Team Racing is open to all HYC club members and they are able to bring a guest. Any reciprocal Club members such as NYCC, FBYC, etc. may also join in the fun and we will bill your account the nominal $15 a month fee that helps us cover the maintenance for the fleet. The Sonar is the preferred platform for Adult Team Racing throughout the United States and is utilized in the Morgan Cup, Hinman Masters, and Grandmasters. Team Racing is a discipline in the sport of sailing where two, three, or four boats make up one team to compete against an opponent with the same number of boats. The objective of the competition is to promote your teammates through good sailing and knowledge of the rulebook to finish in a winning combination such as 1st, 2nd, and 4th to total 7 points, where the opponent finished 3rd, 5th, and 6th for a total of 14 points. We really want you to join us whether you are a high school sailor or eligible to compete in the Grand Masters!
It’s a lot of fun once you learn how these combinations are formed, it will enhance your boat handling, speed skills, and certainly your knowledge of the US Sailing Rulebook!!!