HYC Casual Cruisers June 2020:

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Phase I of the Covid-19 reopening plan is now in effect, at least here in Southern Virginia. The reopening plan still includes many restrictions, making it hard to predict whether the cruises planned for June will be able to go forward as presently planned. The State’s plan now in effect still limits gatherings to no more than 10 people making it very difficult to host cruises in the way that we have in the past. Unfortunately, what we do not yet know is when Phase II can or will be implemented which will allow gatherings of up to 50 people. We will continue to follow the requirements or advise of the Governor and will plan our cruises where possible. Our plans continue to evolve, and we are still looking to head back onto the water as a club starting with a Cruise to Mobjack Bay, a Beach Party at Kiptopeke and ending the month with a Cruise to Norfolk Yacht Club.

The good news is that I have seen a resurgence of members on the docks, boats are being prepared to cruise, and some getting out for a sail or two. Misty and I even got ourselves underway for a quiet weekend cruise to Back Creek where we spent a wonderful evening at anchor. We followed that with an expanded weekend cruise to the Ware River, which was a little warmer. I even got up enough courage to take a dip, although not a long one. I am still very optimistic, and soon we will be out on the water Cruising and enjoying sundowners in a “new normal” way. Regardless whether you spend your time on a sailboat or powerboat, all can be Casual Cruisers. Time to get underway,

S/V Modus Vivendi
(757) 635-1846

Upcoming Cruises

Mobjack Bay, 13-14 June

To the fleet sailing to Mobjack Bay… Welcome to the Southern Chesapeake’s best backyard ever! Our Primary Anchorage will be on East River, with the exact spot to be announced according to prevailing wind and conditions. More than likely this will be near Williams Wharf, and those wishing to go ashore can land dinghies there.The fleet can stay tuned to Channel 68 during the cruise for updated information and any checking-in necessary. We should plan on being underway by mid-morning and try to average 5 knots overall due to the 30-mile sail involved.The timing of this cruise will be right after the stay at home orders for Virginia expire, so stay tuned in this regard. As of this time, the fleet will be planning ‘virtual sundowner’s’ in each individual boat’s cockpit, so ‘bring what you need’.

Jesse Broome
S/V Contented Turtle
(757) 803-1026

Master, Coastal Vessels 50 tons (In Continuum)

Kiptopeke State Park, 19-21 June

“Ahoy, All Condo Cruisers, Want-to-be’s, and even Club dock walkers

We are planning for and hoping to be able to have our first real cruise of the year on June 19-21st to Kiptopeke State Park. Note that having it is totally dependent upon our State Governor being able to lift the statewide ban against congregating by June 10th. as currently planned.

After these past weeks of virus anxiety that has resulted in most of us feeling too cooped up and needing a medical injection of “ON BOARD” time, we want to plan to provide that much needed “fix” by getting together and have some well needed fun.Beginning on Friday afternoon-April and I will sail over to Kiptopeke State Park –and anchor off the Concrete Ships. Our April Wind will act as the mother ship for the cruise and weather permitting, others are welcome to raft off of us for afternoon cocktails until nightfall.

On Saturday, we will be taking the party to the nearby beach so bring your dink and a reliable motor (or good strong arms) as there is often a current running N/S through the passage.Bring sunning chairs, umbrella’s coolers, etc. and at 5:00 (Somewhere) we will begin to salute Poseidon and will warm up our small grill.I suggest you try to bring a small grill to the beach if you can along with your drink(s) of choice and snacks for the afternoon as well as dinner fixing to share. The plan is for all of us to enjoy being out on the water and together after such a long stressful confinement.Let’s play at being beach bums and bunnies and plan to toast each other and to our good lives as we watch the sun sets to the West over the concrete ships.If by chance the weather is not conducive to beach time together the party on Saturday, you can join April and me aboard S/Y April Wind….just bring your own libations and dinner fixings, including enough to share as I will be grilling off the stern unless the rain gods are mad at us.

Sunday hopefully will offer more of the same fun until it is time to depart back to HYC.April Windmay even be serving Mamosas if you would like to come aboard for a last toast before departing.We will plan to stay awhile and ultimately hoist anchor about 1:30 PM depending upon the weather.

Where: Kiptopeke State Park –Anchorage inside of the Concrete ships. Approximately, 21 NM from HYC.Course approximate 058 from the High Range marker approximately 1 NM offshore of Fort Monroe’s channel side beach. If you wish to come join us by land yacht, Kiptopeke State Park entrance is only a few miles North of the Eastern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel roadway termination onto the Eastern Shore.

Why There: This is a great anchorage with good holding assuming the use of the right weight anchor/chain; there is plenty of room for all of us to anchor overnight and the area is extremely peaceful. It offers a wonderful environment and frequently many species of seabirds can be seen all around you. The park offers nature walks which are currently open, and playgrounds and “facilities” ashore if they are reopened by then, as well to enjoy.

Why: We are joining together to bring in the new cruising season, and to celebrate (hopefully) the passing of the contagiousness currently confining us all.

What to Bring: April and I will be providing some light snacks and water, and ice to share in one cooler but we will definitely need more than one cooler for everyone to have cool drinks on the beach over a few hours of time. So, bring a cooler filled with ice if you can.

We suggest that you plan to bring your drink of preference, beach mats or blankets along with appropriate sunscreen, some yummy appetizers to share and what you would like to grill and eat for dinner. If you have portable deck chairs or small cocktail tables, they might really come in handy. Heck, if you still have those old winter socks to burn, bring them along and we will add them to the coals after all food has been grilled!

What you need to do: RSVP tobob@4n6engr.com or aprilkochan@gmail.com that you will be joining your fellow Condo Cruisers, and then if allowed, GET ABOARD YOUR LONESOME BOAT and COME ON OVER and HAVE SOME FUN!

April and I look forward to getting reacquainted with everyone and meeting new friends. Look for all the Teal colored canvas and we will see you in the Anchorage! e will be monitoring Channel 16 & 68.

Bob Kochan
S/V April WindPier F –Slip-10