Fly Over the Water! HYC STEM Foil Board Course

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Foiling seems to be everywhere these days! The America’s Cup, Sail GP, Nacra 17, Waszps, Moths, and yet the simplest and most affordable way to fly over the water is the foil board.
So what is foiling? Similar to the physics that make sailing possible, a foil is an underwater appendage consisting of a wing (a foil) that generates lift to push the vessel or board that the foil is attached to above the water! The reduced wetted surface makes for a fast, fun, and unique experience.
Building the Foil Board: This class provides students the opportunity to walk away with their own creation! Build the board and the foil out of a kit, decorate it how you want, and learn to “foil” behind a powerboat. All safety equipment is provided.
Do I have to be a junior? No, this is advertised as a junior program but we have had a lot of expressed interest and opened the course up to members as well!
Course Date: June 21-July 2, Starting at 4PM into the evening *Class times may vary based on build stages of the board.
Individuals must be at minimum 15 years of age.
(Kids under 15 must be supervised by their parent)