Family Fun Race

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Family Fun Race

Saturday June 13th @ 2PM

Attention all sailors! Junior Sailors: Bring your Parents!
Come on out on Saturday June 13 for an informal fun race in the club Sonars. We will start at the club, head out and round a few government marks, and then finish back at the club. The format will be like the Wednesday night races, relaxed and focusing having fun. The race will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing but protests are discouraged, however, if a protest should arise please submit form to the Sailing Director.
The date: June 13
The starting time: 2PM
The course
Start between the “blue stripe” and HYC “C Dock”
“A” Day Beacon R4 leave to starboard
“I” Day Beacon G1 leave to port
“A” Day Beacon R4 leave to port
Finish between the “blue stripe” and HYC “C Dock”
A few unusual requirements:
·      Crews must consist of “shelter partners”, people who have been sheltering at home together. Qualified Juniors should consider taking their parents.
·      Boats must be sanitized following the race.
·      Use masks and maintain social distancing while ashore.
And, unfortunately, no post-race party.
Hampton Flats Map