2021 Plantation Light Race


Aug 21 2021

Event # 413

ENTRY DUE:  Friday, August 20, by 1700 Hours.
ENTRY FEE:  $40.00  Make checks payable to Hampton Yacht Club.
SEND ENTRY TO:  Race Committee, Hampton Yacht Club, 4707 Victoria Blvd., Hampton, VA 23669
CONTACT PERSON/PRO: Bob Thomas (H) 898-9407, (W) 864-3913), (C) 592-1650 or robert.m.thomas@nasa.gov  

ELIGIBILITY: All PHRF boats must have a current, valid PHRF of the Chesapeake rating certificate. PHRF CR ratings will be used. Cruising Fleet boats will be assigned a courtesy rating by the RC.         

SAFETY REQUIRMENTS: All boats must meet US Sailing Nearshore Safety Equipment Requirements. These requirements are posted on the HYC website. In addition, all boats are required to also meet the following US Sailing Coastal Safety Equipment Requirements. For a complete explanation of each item, go to the US Sailing Safety Equipment Requirements shown on the HYC website. Also note, as per US Sailing Requirement 1.2 – The safety of a boat and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the “person in charge”, as per RRS 46….

  ** The additional requirements boats are required to follow are:

  • 2.5.1 – A permanently installed manual bilge pump…
  • 2.7.2 – A mechanical propulsion system capable of driving the boat at a minimum speed…for 4 hours.
  • 3.1.1 – Each crew member shall have a life jacket that provides at least 33.7 lbs (150N) of buoyancy, intended to be worn over the shoulders (no belt pack) meeting either US Coast Guard or ISO specifications.
  • 3.1.4 – Each crew member shall have a safety harness….
  • 3.7.1 – A Lifesling or equivalent man overboard rescue device equipped with a self-igniting light….
  • 3.14 –  A GPS receiver
  • 3.15 –  An electronic means to record the position of a man overboard….This may be the same as in 3.14.
  • 3.24.1 – A watertight, high-powered searchlight….
  • 3.26 –  A radar reflector.
  • 3.32 –  A strong, sharp knife

STARTING LINE:  Between a staff displaying an orange flag on the RC Boat and CCV Harbor Mark “H” (R N “20”).

FINISH LINE: Between CCV Mark “Q” (Bay)  (Q R R’22’) and an orange flag on the Ft Monroe seawall.       Boats finishing after dark shall hail the race committee via VHF-72 and shine a bright light on their sail number.        Boats finishing when the race committee is not present shall record their finish time as specified in the Prescription to Rule 34 and report that time to the race committee at the contact number(s) shown above.

COURSES:  Courses will be signaled on the Signal Boat course board by the letters A, B, or C, next to the class flag.

Course “A” – Long Course (44.7 nm)
Start = R N “20”
Plantation Light(CCV Bay Mark “U” – Fl G 2.5s “1CC”)LEAVE TO PORT
York Spit Light (CCV Bay Mark “H” – Fl 6s 30ft 8M HORN)LEAVE TO PORT
Back River Bell (CCV Bay Mark “V” – Fl G 4s “1 BR”)LEAVE TO STARBOARD
Finish = Q R R”22”
Course “B” – Medium Course (33.1 nm)
Start = R N “20”
CCV Bay Mark “J”(Fl G 2.5s “1YR” – York River Channel)LEAVE TO PORT
York Spit Light(CCV Bay Mark “H” – Fl 6s 30ft 8M HORN)LEAVE TO PORT
Back River Bell(CCV Bay Mark “V” – Fl G 4s “1BR”LEAVE TO STARBOARD
Finish = Q R R”22”
Course “C” – Short Course (23.6 nm)
Start = R N “20”
CCV Bay Mark “J”(Fl G 2.5s “1YR” – York River Channel)LEAVE TO PORT
CCV Bay Mark “X”(Fl G 2.5s “3” – Off Salt Ponds Entrance)LEAVE TO PORT
Finish = Q R R”22”
 PHRF A19001905
 PHRF B/C(B/C will start, race, and be scored together)
 PHRF N(Double-Headsails allowed)
 CRUISING(Single Headsail only)

TIME LIMIT AND RETIRING: The time limit is noon on Aug 2. Boats not finished by noon will be scored DNF.

Boats retiring from the race shall notify the RC as soon as possible by Marine VHF channel 72 or by telephone at the contact number(s) shown above. Boats not making a reasonable effort to comply with this instruction will receive zero points toward the HYC CUP Championship.


PROTESTS: Due: In writing before 1700 on Sunday, August 22.  Heard: 1900 on Monday, August 23, at HYC.

AWARDS: Awards will be presented at the HYC Annual Awards Night in December. Appropriate fleet awards will be given, plus the Hispaniola Trophy (Best corrected time in PHRF A or B) and the Nelms Trophy (Winner in PHRF C).

 This race counts toward the HYC CUP Championship.


Ten Boats started the 2021 HYC Plantation Race on Saturday evening August the 21st. Two classes of five boats each sailed the short 23.6nm course, starting at 1905 and 1910. The first boat finished at about 36 minutes past midnight. The last boat finished about 5:21.

The Signal Boat was provided by Alan Johnson crewed by Alan and Sandy Johnson, Dale and Yamile Ashcom, Sandy Walker, Vicki Bristow, Dough Moore, and Bob Thomas as PRO. The Finish Crew at Fort Monroe was Dough Moor and Bob Thomas.

Sail No Boat Skipper Model HC CR Allowance HH/MM/SS Finish Time Elapsed Time Corrected Time Place
399 Danger Paws Neil & Liz Melges 24 90 0:35:24 1:10:35 6:05:35 5:30:11 1st A
53670 Star Dancer Blais Bene 36.7 78 0:30:41 1:01:10 6:13:10 5:42:29 2nd A
404 Meridian XI Shellhorse Carkeek 40 -48 0:15:53 12:36:25 5:31:25 5:50:18 3rd A
10120 Virginia H III Armstrong Tarton 101 66 0:25:58 1:25:26 6:20:26 5:54:28 4th A
2804 Diablo Cutter Andrews 28 87 0:34:13 1:42:50 6:37:50 6:03:37 5th A
15477 Callenectes Cuker Cal 30-3 165 1:04:54 1:46:29 6:36:29 5:31:35 1st B/C
83 Halaha Rogers Col 28-2 234 1:32:02 2:27:55 7:17:55 5:45:53 2nd B/C
22 Hornet K Roberts L-30 141 0:55:28 2:03:39 6:53:39 5:58:11 3rd B/C
30812 Fat Bottom Girl Whitehouse Per Flyer 135 0:53:06 2:23:51 7:13:51 6:20:45 4th B/C
1710 Luna Blu K Midgett Bristol 39 Yawl 195 1:16:42 5:21:51 10:11:51 8:55:09 5th B/C

The event is finished.

Hampton Yacht Club


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