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2021 Hampton Wednesday Night Racing

Classes: PN Viper  |  CBYRA #: N/A


DATES: Every Wednesday night, April 7 through September 29.

ENTRIES: Must submit a standard CBYRA Waiver/Entry Form to:   Hampton Yacht Club, 4707 Victoria Boulevard, Hampton, VA  23669…or fill out in office. Please do this before your first race.

RULES: Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing.
CCVR Sailing Instructions apply except as modified by this circular.



  1. NON-SPIN 2      (Class flag = White)
  2. NON-SPIN 1      (Class flag = # 5)
  3. ALL SPIN          (Class flag = # 9)

        (Boats need not fly class flags)

 ** NON-SPIN 2 = Boats rated slower than 145
** NON-SPIN 1 = Boats rated faster than 145

 WARNING: April, May, September = 1800 ; June, July, August = 1830

 STARTING LINE: CCV Mark “A” (See back CCVR marks)

FINISH LINE:  Mark “A” or off the HYC docks. Race Committee’s option.
 (RCs are urged to take finishes at “A” if the leg up the creek is a beat.)            

The Hampton Yacht Club (HYC) will again host its informal Wednesday Night Race Series.

Starts will be provided for three different fleets: two Non-Spinnaker and one Spinnaker fleet. The Non-Spinnaker fleets will be split at PHRF rating 145. Any boats not sure of their rating should check with the HYC Sail Captain. The Order of Starts will be: Slow Non-Spin; Fast Non-Spin; Spinnaker.

We will use the RRS 26 Starting System and plan to maintain the much-enjoyed informality of the series.  The race format, similar to previous years, is described in a separate Race Brochure.

 All boats racing must conform to US Sailing Nearshore Safety Equipment Standards. Sometime after March 22, each Skipper planning to participate is requested to stop by the HYC office to fill out the Entry Form/Waiver. Skippers are urged to please comply with this requirement before doing their first Wednesday Night Race. Please do not race until you have completed this form.

A Race Brochure will be provided when you submit your Entry Form/Waiver.  This brochure will give all pertinent information regarding starting times, courses to be sailed, and procedures to be followed.  There is no entry fee for the series.  All boats meeting required standards, regardless of yacht club affiliation, are welcome and invited to participate.


All appropriate COVID-19 protocols will be followed. Within that framework, all skippers and crew are invited to enjoy food and beverages in the HYC lounge following racing.  Visiting boats may raft at the end of the HYC piers, come inside, and enjoy the post-race social. An attractive selection of food and beverages will be available at reasonable prices.

Parking Restrictions:

Only members of HYC who have a valid parking decal may park in the HYC lots.

Non-member vehicles must be parked on the street. Please note: the parking spaces directly in front of the club entrance are reserved for club members dining at the club.

Towing of improperly parked vehicles will be enforced!

 ABC Regulations:

A reminder on the ABC regulations under which HYC operates:  All non-HYC members must be registered as a guest each time they visit HYC, whether they are on HYC or other boats.

John McCarthy is HYC Sail Captain and Wednesday Night Race Chairman and can be reached at (757) 850-4225.


Apr 14 2021


6:00 pm


Hampton Yacht Club


Hampton Yacht Club
4707 Victoria Blvd. Hampton, VA 23669 USA

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