Fall Sailing Program

Fall Sailing Program

This program is designed for the following sailors:

  • C420 Class: 420 sailors or Intro to c420 Racing sailors focusing on increasing their skills in the boat, in order to prep themselves for future regattas or to keep their skills in check before summer of 2019.
  • Opti RWB: Opti sailors focused on getting ready for Team Trials, ACCs, NE Champs, SE Champs and Halloween Howl.
  • Opti Green: Intro to Opti Racing sailors looking to increase their skills on the water and make sure they are ready for next summer or future regattas.
  • Laser Radial Class: Sailors looking to get ready for Cressy events or to increase time on the water to develop their skills before their next regatta.

Boats and sails are provided for only Optis and c420s. LASER RADIALS NOT PROVIDED, you must bring your own boat.

Sailors must have taken Intro to Opti Racing, Intro to c420 Racing or have racing experience. The Waterfront Director has the right to select who signs up for a class.

Registration: Click Here to Register!

Coaches: Arielle Darrow, Thomas Etheridge, Jocelyn Rovniak, Alec Chicoine and Cole Handley.

Dates: From 1pm to 5pm

  • September 9th: Opti RWB, Opti Green and Laser Radials
  • September 23rd: c420s
  • September 30th: Opti RWB, Opti Green and c420s
  • October 7th: c420s
  • October 14th: Opti RWB, Opti Green and c420s
  • November 11th: c420s
  • NYCC will be hosting Opti RWB, Opti Green and Laser Radials on September 23rd and November 11thand Opti RWB, Opti Green on October 7thClick here to go to NYCC site. Click here to register for NYCC dates.

Price: $95 for all 3 classes or $160 for all c420 classes or $35/class.

Cancellation Policy: No refund will be given if you cancel within 1 week of the start of the program or do not show up for one or multiple classes.

Requirements: Must have prior racing experience or have taken Intro to 420 or Opti Racing. Please contact the Waterfront Director at arielle@hamptonyc.com to see if your junior qualifies.