Down The Bay


68th Down the Bay Race for the Virginia Cruising Cup


Friday 26 May 2017                                                                           Sanction #: 404

Entry Due:   12 May 2017

Entry Fee:   The entry fees are based on Length Overall (LOA) which may be rounded downward to nearest lower whole number. (e.g: 39.71′ = 39′): Entry Fees are: $6.00 per foot LOA for entries paid by May 12, 2017. For entries paid after May 12, 2017, the entry fee will be $8.00 per foot LOA.  No entries are accepted after 1900 24 May 2017.  Note:  Maximum entry fee for any double hand boat is $150.00.  Maximum entry fee for any multihull boat is $175.00.

Entry:   Eligible boats may enter by mailing an entry form to Hampton Yacht Club (Attn – Down The Bay), 4707 Victoria Blvd, Hampton, VA 23669 or on-line at:

Contact:   Chair (HYC) David McConaughy: 757-870-4475; Co-Chair (HYC) Rosemary Hobart: 757 268 2265; Co-Chair (STC) Wally Miller: 443-254-3049; Hospitality (HYC) Nickey Woodfield: 757 218 2296;

Eligibility:   This event is open to monohull boats that have a valid 2017 PHRF certificate issued by PHRF of the Chesapeake, multihull sailboats with a valid 2017 PHRF rating endorsed by the class, one design and IRC (Standard Certificate) classes with 5 boats or more. Classes will be IRC, PHRF A, B, C, Non-Spinnaker (Two Headsails), PHRF Multihull, PHRF Double Handed Monohull, and any one-design class that would like to compete with 5 boats or more.

Start:   A Welcome Party for skippers and crew will be held on Thursday 25 May 2017 at Severn Sailing Association in Eastport from 1800-2100 with a brief Skippers Meeting at 1900. The check-in desk will be open from 1800 – 2000 on Thursday 25 May 2017. The first warning signal will be at 1000 on Friday 26 May 2017, in the Bay near Severn River R “2”.

Course:   The race is a 120 nautical mile distance race from Annapolis to Hampton. If the air is very light at the start, the race committee may, at its own discretion, move the starting line to a position further south. The NOR containing additional course information is posted at  The Sailing Instruction (SI) will be posted on or before Friday12 May 2017 on the race website.

Rules:   All yachts must meet PHRF of the Chesapeake Ches Bay (4P) safety requirements. RRS 51 and RRS 52 are waived for boats with moveable ballast reflected on their PHRF and/or IRC certificates.

Limitations:   During the race contestants may not receive weather, current, or navigational information except from public sources that are available to all competitors. Subscription, password-protected or restricted-access web pages, as well as phone conversations that contain any of the above information, are not allowed.

Awards:   1st, 2nd & 3rd awards in each class based on participation.  The first to finish monohull will be awarded the Robert M. Ravin Memorial Trophy. The monohull boat with the fastest corrected PHRF time will be awarded the Virginia Cruising Cup.  Monohull Boats competing in a one-design or IRC division that would like to compete for the Virginia Cruising Cup must have a valid 2017 PHRF of the Chesapeake certificate.  This race counts toward the HYC CUP Championship.

Socials:   The Welcome Party for skippers and crew will be held from 1800 – 2100 on Thursday 25 May 2017 at Severn Sailing Association (SSA) in Eastport. The post-race awards party will start at 1900 on Saturday 27 May 2017 at the Hampton Yacht Club.

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